John Daly serves Precinct George

Precinct George is a body representing tenants, developers and the wider community in all aspects of the George Street precinct.

Our Mission

To assist in positioning George Street to be recognised as an iconic street…

We are Brisbane based not-for-profit organisation with a single focus on engaging with all stakeholders in the George Street precinct. The first organisation of its kind, our mission is very simple – providing a common voice all that belong to the George Street precinct…

All day, everyday we get asked about our reasons for creating Precinct George. What do we stand to gain from the initiative? Can our interests be best served from an existing body? Why George Street? So we thought we would provide the answers below…

Why George Street?

George Street, it can be argued, is an interconnecting thoroughfare that connects the city’s spine together. Bordered by the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens and the Roma Street Parklands it represents the street that best connects Brisbane’s cultural heritage together with government, commerce and the education sectors. With major development occur along the street or in adjacent streets to the central spine, Precinct George believes that George Street more than any other street in the city has the most potential for exploration as a precinct. To this end we are committed to engaging with all stakeholders in the street to facilitate a discussion about its future…

What is Precinct George’s purpose?

Precinct George’s fundamental premise is that greater good can be achieved by facilitating discussion and enabling consensus to be achieved by stakeholders within the precinct. The Precinct George purpose is therefore to provide an independent voice for stakeholders on the street, recognising that much more can be achieved by a body that is associated by stakeholders on the street than if independent stakeholders sort to achieve outcomes without suitable consensus…

Can Precinct George’s initiative be served by an organisation?

The uniqueness with Precinct George lies in the fact that it is an organisation with a specialised focus on marketing and promoting a single street. This therein provides Precinct George Limited with a number of points of difference that are unmatched. Where a Chamber of Commerce is commonly a member driven organisation that provides members with opportunities to network with members and guests, Precinct George Limited is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to advocate and champion specific causes in the George Street precinct. Precinct George Limited does not see itself taking market share from any organisation; it sees itself complimenting the good work that a range of organisations are providing within the precinct. We are professional enablers and facilitators, its what we do for a living…

What is the difference between Precinct George’s crowd-funding / donation model and a traditional ‘membership’ model?

The uniqueness of the Precinct George Limited business model is exemplified in its approach for eliciting funds and donations for campaigns. Where a traditional membership model relies on a traditional membership structure to secure finance, Precinct George will use a combination of crowd-funding and donation fundraising to secure funding for specific causes that stakeholders in the precinct have expressed interest in championing. Accordingly stakeholders will have the option to directly contribute to grassroots campaigns of interest for them, by them. Popularly known as ‘crowd-funding,’ direct donations are made to the organisation through a singular website interface with Precinct George Limited accountable for executing the campaign outcomes once it reaches a threshold of funding. Relying on critical mass, Precinct George strength ultimately lies in the size and scale of its membership.

We sink or swim on the basis of our engagement with you, the people of George Street…


Green Wall Soil Mix is a winner

“I have been using John Daly’s –  Bioganic Earth – Green Wall soil mix for 2 years now. Specialising in Green Walls, I discovered Bioganic Earth Green Wall soil mix after 12 months of extensive research to find the prefect plant and soil mediums for vertical gardens.

Coming from a permiculture background & knowing that  great, fertile soil is key to the  success of plant’s growth and health, I use the Green wall blend mix in both domestic small scale pot designs through to large scale modular systems.  After 2 years the early Green walls still look fantastic with clients raving on the lushness of the plants, the ease of maintenance and  small amount of water required to support walls. I have only a 2-5 %  loss of plants since using Johns Green wall blend which is amazing,

Apart from great soil mediums I have also  found that John at Eco Environment very professional, from the 1st phone call his service, guidance and knowledge has been fantastic.


Mick Stovin

Green Mandala Landscaping & Design

Bioganic Earth great “all rounder” mix (testimonial)

Dear John,

I’d like to thank you for your time and efforts in helping us with our growing media.  We would like to put forward a testimonial for you.

We are a family owned multi award winning garden centre established since 1996. From a young age we decided to produce a percentage of our plant-stock in house due to the fact that we are an Australian Native Specialist and some plants we like to sell aren’t readily available. There’s also the economics of growing some of your own stock to increase profits.

We have used several different potting media companies over the years and although we have had some reasonable results, we’ve also had some poor results. Couple this with the fact that we don’t grow large numbers of any one plant species, we need a growing media that is diverse in it’s application. We’ve struggled to find a suitable “all round” media that is suitable for the majority of our nursery plants.

After talks with John Daly at Eco Environment in regards to our dilemma he suggested we try some “Bioganic Earth”-specialist Growing media. We still had some of our existing media left so we used it alongside the “Bioganic Earth”. We had some great results. We noticed several differences very early. The “Bioganic Earth” held more moisture in the pot than our existing media however still had
good air porosity and drainage. It also re-wet easier if it did dry out.  Over time we noticed that there was little to no slumpage/sinkage of the media in the pot and the plants were performing well.

We’ve now purchased thirty cubic metres of Bioganic Earth and we’ve never had such healthy plant growth. The media has proven to be a great “all rounder” mix for us and has vastly improved the quality of our green stock.

Nielsens Native Nursery –