Aquaponics Network Australia (ANA) tubbed fruit trees to grow in “bioganic earth”

Aquaponics Network Australia (ANA) tubbed fruit trees to grow in “bioganic earth”

Switched-on horticulturalists in Brisbane are now growing tubbed fruit trees in a new kind of created soil named “Bioganic Earth”.

Aquaponics Network Australia will soon be demonstrating such trees in backyard-style aquaponics teaching units at Carindale and Nerang in SE Queensland.

It is a “specialist growing medium” created by noted Brisbane horticulturalist, John Daly, of eCo-Environment.
John’s vastly superior growing media for tubbed plants is also used for green roofs or green walls.
It has better plant growing capacity than any other soil (natural or created). Engineered to hold maximum water, it provides all plant foods, and provides superior root zone aeration. Cost is only about $1/litre volume..
It even has microbes in it for all the symbiotic root-zone tasks from which a growing plant can benefit.
Indoor plants grown in the new media have added benefit in better absorption of harmful VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) coming from building materials in new homes or offices.

Professional trials have well shown superior growth and sustainability of plants in the new specialist growing media, compared with other soils or substrates.

Multi-pro proves valuable in shaded area (testimonial)

My name is Peter Tulp.
I am a qualified Greenkeeper and Gardener  with over 30 years experience.
About a year ago I was having great difficulty in obtain a good cover of Palmetto Buffalo Grass in an area that the turf suppliers said would not grow decent grass. Approx 80% shade and very little air -flow under a massive camphor -laurel tree.
After talking to Ian Allison from All About Turf  he put me in touch with John Daly from Eco-Environment  who suggested I top-dress the whole area with “Multi-Pro”. The results have been astounding; grass density has improved markedly and the occurrence of disease has been suppressed.
I highly recommend the use of “Multi-Pro” as both a growing medium for turf and for use as a quality topdressing.
Peter Tulp -Greenkeeper

Horticultural Media Association – Meeting

The Horticultural Media Association Qld events meeting at Bamboo Down Under at the demonstration Gardens,  on Saturday 2-2-13.

Great day had by all with members coming from Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast Brisbane and Cairns.

Bamboo spp number more than 900 species. Approx 600 are Clumping and the rest are Running Bamboos. Of the clumping bamboo species many are useful for  food (Corm shoots) and  building  materials, for flooring, wall panelling, furniture, paper etc (all are  renewable resources).

Bamboo has gone a long way to saving and preserving forest timber and natural rainforest habitats. Did you Know – there are over 5 species of Australian native bamboo in the Northern Territory – Arnhem land. The Aborigine have been making didgeridoo‘s from bamboo stems over last 40,000 years. Thank you to Rick and Colin at Bamboo Down under, from a retiring president.