Green Wall Soil Mix is a winner

“I have been using John Daly’s –  Bioganic Earth – Green Wall soil mix for 2 years now. Specialising in Green Walls, I discovered Bioganic Earth Green Wall soil mix after 12 months of extensive research to find the prefect plant and soil mediums for vertical gardens.

Coming from a permiculture background & knowing that  great, fertile soil is key to the  success of plant’s growth and health, I use the Green wall blend mix in both domestic small scale pot designs through to large scale modular systems.  After 2 years the early Green walls still look fantastic with clients raving on the lushness of the plants, the ease of maintenance and  small amount of water required to support walls. I have only a 2-5 %  loss of plants since using Johns Green wall blend which is amazing,

Apart from great soil mediums I have also  found that John at Eco Environment very professional, from the 1st phone call his service, guidance and knowledge has been fantastic.


Mick Stovin

Green Mandala Landscaping & Design