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John Daly – Environmental & Forensic Horticulturist

john Daly forensic horticulturist

Environmental & Forensic Horticulturist Eco Environment

Consulting in Horticulture, Landscaping, Plant trials and Selection for Green Buildings , Green Walls and Green Roofs. Providing services and Products for Custom Landscape mixes and Long term Podium and Container Potting mixes. Consultancy for Government agencies, DMR, EPA, Mine site restoration, rehabilitation and problematic soil Amelioration a amendment. John Daly has had more than 30 years experience within the horticultural industry. He studied Horticulture at U.Q. Agricultural College – Gatton and Landscape Architecture at QUT.

John, previously was the National Sales Manager for Research & Development for Enviroganics – An organics company, producing organic based fertilisers, soil conditioners, soil additions for broad acre farmers and landscape supplies. Formulated quality compost products from reuse and recycled organics. This role allows diversity in consulting with government agencies, landscape architects and industry Leaders.

Before this role John was in the employ of Scotts Australia for 11years as National New Business Manager and Regional Manager for Queensland, Northern NSW, the Northern Territory and Pacific Islands. Scotts is a Horticultural Research and Development Companies. John serviced the horticultural and ornamental commercial growers, Wholesale Nursery Industry, Greening Australia, ,Land-care, Mine site revegetation and associated industries including State and Local Government agencies like DPI, Main Roads Department and the Brisbane Airport Corporation.

Previous to this role, John was Superintendent then becoming Parks District Manager for the Brisbane City Parks and Recreation for 10 years with the Brisbane City Council, where he was responsible for gardens, malls and squares across Brisbane central City Districts. This green heart meant managing over 80 parks, overseeing landscape maintenance, capital works, floral displays, 12 heritage parks including New Farm Park, Newstead and the famous Brisbane City Botanic Gardens. He has also been responsible for the refurbishment of various plant collections throughout Brisbane’s Heritage Parks including palm and cycad, bamboo, bromeliad, hibiscus and camellia and Heritage Rose collections.

John has also presented radio talkback garden programmes with the ABC and 4BC radio; television programmes such as Creek to Coast on Channel 7, and more recently a television commercial on Channel 10 encouraging the use of water wise practices in the garden.

John judges garden centre competitions and numerous regional garden competitions, such as Carnival of Flowers – Toowoomba, Queensland Home and Garden Expo – Nambour, Courier Mail Garden competition and R.N.A. Horticultural Exhibition – Brisbane. John had written for newspapers and two national garden magazines.

John is also a guest speaker at various Garden Expo and garden groups and is a consultant on horticultural topics such as Water Wise gardening, horticultural techniques and plant nutrition and market trends to the retail industry, wholesale, commercial and broad-acre horticultural production growers.

John is a also Journalist and Garden Writer for many Newspapers and Magazines over the past 25 years.

In the late 1990’s performed Lecture at UQ and Tafe Colleges of education and staff training Garden articles for Mail-out Woolworth’s , Mitre 10 etc.

His involvement with many Institutes /organisations such as the

  • Horticultural Media Association (past President and foundation member) and on the – H.M.A.Q.- Australia National Committee
  • N.G.I.Q -Nursery and Gardening Ind. Marketing group
  • Centre for Lifestyle Horticulture (CLH) on Export Committee and Water Management Groups
  • M.A.I.H. Australian Institute of Horticulture
  • M.P.L.A-Parks and Leisure Australia
  • National Executive committee I.P.A. (Indoor Plantscape Association)
  • Executive Committee for Aust Open Gardens Scheme
  • Past Vice President of Q.R.O.C. (Qld Reuse Organics Council.)
  • Executive Committee member for Landscape Qld L.Q.

John has travelled extensively throughout the world and Australia visiting Botanic Gardens, renewing the International Seed Exchange Program; National Trust estates, public and private Gardens;

Agri-Forestry ,Revegetation and Riparian Corridors and Broad- acre Horticultural Crop Management.

Experience Areas and Services.

Soil Amelioration , Recommendations & Refurbishment of Contaminated soils, acid sulphate and Saline Soil Profiles adjustments etc.

Development of landscape soil media & soilless growing media for Green Walls Green Roofs, Podiums and Indoor Specialist Mixes for Green Buildings etc.

Recommendations and Certification to BFA and Australian Standards,

Product Development on Reuse, Recycling Organics, Green Waste , Soil Conditioners & Compost formulations for Government projects , Main Roads Mine site revegetation and Coastal dune and riparian stabilization Projects.

Heritage tree and Street tree management programmes (Arboriculture), horticulture training.

Horticulture Judge, Radio and TV, Media Presenter, Photographer and Garden Writer.

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