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Multi-pro proves valuable in shaded area (testimonial)

My name is Peter Tulp.
I am a qualified Greenkeeper and Gardener  with over 30 years experience.
About a year ago I was having great difficulty in obtain a good cover of Palmetto Buffalo Grass in an area that the turf suppliers said would not grow decent grass. Approx 80% shade and very little air -flow under a massive camphor -laurel tree.
After talking to Ian Allison from All About Turf  he put me in touch with John Daly from Eco-Environment  who suggested I top-dress the whole area with “Multi-Pro”. The results have been astounding; grass density has improved markedly and the occurrence of disease has been suppressed.
I highly recommend the use of “Multi-Pro” as both a growing medium for turf and for use as a quality topdressing.
Peter Tulp -Greenkeeper