Balance Of Power?

Energy Conservation versus Indoor Environment Quality.

Around the world current public debate is focussed on the global problem of climate change. A crucial part of this discussion is how greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced. In the context of the built environment this has, in recent years, created a shift towards energy efficiency and sustainable development.

But what kind of indoor environments can we expect in future buildings if energy efficiency is the main target? Is it possible to strike a balance between these competing interests? Or are we already there?

The subject of this symposium will be balancing the need for energy conservation, while improving indoor environmental quality. Bringing together key industry stakeholders, this will be an opportunity to hear and learn from experts on the current situation; contribute discussions on future direction; and provide a chance for interdisciplinary networking.

As part of the 10th International Healthy Buildings Conference, which will be held from 8-12 July 2012, there will also be a one day symposium which will focus on optimising energy efficiency and securing improved indoor air quality in green buildings. Delegates can participate in the entire conference or just in the one day symposium. More information about the program for the conference and symposium is provided below.

Convenor: Mark Thomson, Corporate Sustainability Principal, Schiavello Group P/L

Venue: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Queensland, Australia

Target Audience: Building Industry Groups (design consultants, government advisors, architects, ventilation engineers); Property Industry Groups (developers, interior designers, landscape architects, government, facility managers, marketing advisors); and Indoor Environment Quality Professionals (academics and practitioners).

Program of the Symposium: The program of the Symposia will on the one hand have a very strong international component, but on the other hand will include very relevant local and regional issues. It will include plenary presentations, submitted papers sessions, interactive panel discussions, and poster sessions. The discussions will be led by panels of top practitioners and academics in this broad field.

Brisbane Airport Corporation Soil Treatment

Organic Lifte Multi Pro - a proven winner for landscaping

Multi Pro is an organic-based fertiliser and soil conditioner with added controlled release fertilisers and wetting agents.

The first stage of re-establishing and landscaping the area along Airport Drive in front of the Brisbane International Airport was originally sand pumped from Moreton Bay for landfill. It was a problem area in terms of growth establishment. After initial soil analysis it was noted that the existing soil was in very poor shape with very little organics and little nutrition. After discussions with the company employed to do the recommendations for the amelioration it was decided that an organic-based product with good nutrition and a high organic carbon base be used for this project.

To meet the standard that was required, we blended our everyday organically certified product Natura Max Fertiliser and Soil Conditioner, which in itself has high nutrient value, with a wetting agent, controlled release nitrogen, 11-month controlled release fertiliser, added calcium and added trace elements and this was applied at 4kgs per M² to a depth of 300mm to the whole area. Trees and plants were planted with an extra amount of Multi Pro to help with long term establishment and increase moisture holding reserves in the soil.

The outcome has been staggering compared to what was there before. The second stage at the entrance of the airport has also been a huge success.

Brisbane Airport Corporation Soil Treatment & Amelioration and Plant Establishment.

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