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Bioganic Earth

Specialist Growing Blends for Containers, Podiums, Green Walls And Green Roofs

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Product Description

“Bioganic Earth” is a robust Man-made growing media formulation, containing natural rock substrates, biological organic based product designed to for use in a variety of circumstances including indoor, podium, container , green roof and green wall growing situations. This growing mix is a combination of long lasting sustainable media organic rock substrates that does not slump, and will remain robust for 2-5 years. Bioganic Earth, contains enough nutrients to feed and maintain plant health for up to 2 years and can be used in conjunction with semi-hydroponic and foliar feed systems. Bioganic Earth mixes contain environmentally sustainable organic wetting agents Enviro Hydrate and a composite of soil conditioners, cation exchange enhancers and bio-chars. Bioganic Earth is carefully manufactured through the selection of fully composted materials, soil enhancers and microbial inoculants as described below:

Note: Bioganic Earth, specified to above Australian Standards (AS3743), Light weight specialist growing media for container/Podiums, Green walls & Green roofs, with minimal slump-age, spec to AS 3743 – Australian Standard.

There are 5 type Blends

– Bioganic Earth – Green Wall & Green Roof – Custom Blends.

1. Green Roof Blends- weight/Bulk Density – Substrate dry weight approx.
375kg per m³(@30% Moisture). Fully irrigated field capacity approx weight – 500kg per m³ for Green Roof mix (maintaining AFP at 18-22%and WHC at 60-68%).

2. Green Wall Blends – weight/Bulk Density – Substrate dry weight approx.
450kg per m³(30% Moisture). Fully irrigated field capacity approx weight – 600kg / per m³ for & Green Wall mixes. (Note : Green Roof and Green Wall blends Can be Customised to Engineers Weight Specifications)

Bioganic Earth – Podium, Indoor and Container Blends.

3. Podium and Container Blends – weight/Bulk Density – Substrate dry weight
580kg per m³at 30% moisture. Fully irrigated field capacity approx. 720kg per m³(maintaining AFP at 18-24%and WHC at 55-68%). All are pH adjusted and stabilised and inoculated with Soil beneficiaries and growth stimulants.

4. Naturally Organic Blends . For Herbs ,Vegetables and ornamentals potted plants.
For both green wall/green roof and indoor, Container & Podium Blends are pH adjusted and stabilised and can be customised to suit a wide range of plant species requirements e.g. Acid lovers, Alkaline & Epiphytes plant spp.etc.

Benefits of Bioganic Earth

  • Watering/irrigation is reduced by up to 50%
  • Resists water logging if podium planter boxes & green walls are sited in an external environment.
  • Substrate dry weight approx. 375kg per m³ for green roof & green wall mixes.
  • Substrate dry weight from 580kg per m³ for indoor, podium, Container and indoor Blends.
  • The media is pH stable and may be customised to suit a wide range of plant species.


Bioganic Earth is available in 25litre bags, in 1x cubic metre bulker bags and in bulk for orders over 5m³.

Manufacturing Standards

Bioganic Earth contains a robust matrix of renewable substrates and rock phosphates, zeolite’s bentonite, Bio-char, and humates ante microbial inoculants etc and an organic based, cured & mature organic Soil conditioners, Cation enhancers, which are processed for a minimum of 18 -22 weeks until the material is fully matured compost and is stabilised. The temperature generated (about 68°C) kills pathogens and weed seeds. Careful management of the material consistency and the rigorous composting process ensure the consistency and quality of the finished product.

Only Fully Composted Products:

  • Provide immediately available and slow release plant nutrients.
  • Improve aeration, water penetration and soil water holding capacity.
  • Increase organic carbon levels, double those available from raw and aged manures.
  • Buffer nutrient draw down caused by other un-composted organic matter such as raw manures and crop residue.
  • Reduce chemical fertiliser requirements and supplies total potassium needs for most crops.
  • Build stable aggregates that improve soil structure.
  • Buffer soil from abrupt pH changes and helps reduce soil sodium.
  • Provide charged particles that hold and exchange nutrients.
  • Contain beneficial micro-organisms for soil improvement and control of soil-borne plant diseases.
  • Have no offensive odour.

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