Horticultural Media Association – Meeting

The Horticultural Media Association Qld events meeting at Bamboo Down Under at the demonstration Gardens,  on Saturday 2-2-13.

Great day had by all with members coming from Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast Brisbane and Cairns.

Bamboo spp number more than 900 species. Approx 600 are Clumping and the rest are Running Bamboos. Of the clumping bamboo species many are useful for  food (Corm shoots) and  building  materials, for flooring, wall panelling, furniture, paper etc (all are  renewable resources).

Bamboo has gone a long way to saving and preserving forest timber and natural rainforest habitats. Did you Know – there are over 5 species of Australian native bamboo in the Northern Territory – Arnhem land. The Aborigine have been making didgeridoo‘s from bamboo stems over last 40,000 years. Thank you to Rick and Colin at Bamboo Down under, from a retiring president.