I am a believer (Testimonial)

Hello John,

For 30+ years I have been a frustrated home vegetable gardener experiencing just mediocre results in the product of my labors.

I tried all the best soils and composts that the landscape/garden industry could throw at me but nothing ever gave me the satisfaction of producing really good quality, tasty vegetables at home.

Earlier this year you gave a talk at our Rotary Club explaining why soils do or do not work in particular environments.

I decided to try once more using the information I gleaned from your talk .

I made a raised bed in my garden and purchased bags of Bioganic Earth from the local stockist of your product.

I planted the good old staples of tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers.

I could not believe how quickly and robustly those plants grew within days of planting.  While waiting for the plants to produce, I put in some bok choy, Capsicum and herbs.

The tomatoes taste wonderful and have been continually producing for nearly 3 months. We have used the bok choy and planted more and more different types of lettuce.

The garden was (and continues to be) such a huge success that I have built 3 more using a cubic metre of your Biganic Earth. We have strawberries, chillies, beans (2 types), spring onions, zucchini, and now butternut pumpkin and (South African) Gem Squash.

I have now added Multi-Pro fertiliser/conditioner to the original garden and we are preparing to experiment with some new varieties. What a joy!

The original single cucumber plant has produced over 40 crisp large and delicious cucumbers and is still producing. Family and friends just love the home grown produce.

We still have our original vegie garden which we put in about a year ago using the usual garden centre soils and compost etc. Presently, it contains some beans, celery and a pumpkin (planted at the same time as the pumpkin in the new beds). I have included a couple of photos to show the enormous difference between the two gardens.

Thank you so much for your help and information.

I was sceptical when I heard your talk but not any more.

I am a believer.

Stewart Rice and Pat Matthews

Original Bioganic Earth Garden

Old Vegie Garden

Butternut pumpkin at 5 weeks

4 new gardens