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My Story

I have more then 40 years experience specialising in Horticulture, Landscaping, Plant trials and Selection for Green Buildings , Green Walls and Green Roofs. I have provided services and products for Custom Landscape mixes and Long term Podium and Container Potting mixes. I have consulted to government agencies including DMR, EPA with respect to mine site restoration, rehabilitation and problematic soil Amelioration a amendment.

Prior to setting up eCo-Environment I had an extensive experience in the fields of horticulture and green care; having been a prominent voice in the industry since the 1980's:

  • National Sales Management for Research and Development for Enviroganics

  • National New Business and Regional Manager (QLD, Northern NSW, NT and Pacific Islands) for Scotts Australia

  • District Manager for Brisbane City Parks and Recreation for the Brisbane City Council

I have been a prominent journalist having written for several national publications over the preceding 25 years and presented radio talkback garden programmes with the ABC and 4BC radio; television programmes such as Creek to Coast on Channel 7, and more recently a television commercial on Channel 10 encouraging the use of water wise practices in the garden. 

I have spoken and judged at several garden centre competitions and numerous regional garden competitions including and have been invited to consult on horticultural topics such as Water Wise gardening, horticultural techniques and plant nutrition and market trends to the retail industry, wholesale, commercial and broad-acre horticultural production growers. Recent competitions judged include:

  •  Carnival of Flowers - Toowoomba

  •  Queensland Home and Garden Expo - Nambour,

  • Courier Mail Garden competition and

  • The R.N.A.Horticultural Exhibition – Brisbane 

I have participated in a number of institutions and organisations including:

  • Horticultural Media Association (past President and foundation member) and on the – H.M.A.Q.- Australia National Committee

  • N.G.I.Q -Nursery and Gardening Ind. Marketing group

  • Centre for Lifestyle Horticulture (CLH) on Export Committee and Water Management Groups

  • M.A.I.H. Australian Institute of Horticulture

  • M.P.L.A-Parks and Leisure Australia

  • National Executive committee I.P.A. (Indoor Plantscape Association)

  • Executive Committee for Aust Open Gardens Scheme

  • Past Vice President of Q.R.O.C. (Qld Reuse Organics Council.)

  • Executive Committee member for Landscape Qld L.Q.

I have travelled extensively throughout the world visiting Botanic Gardens, renewing the International Seed Exchange Program; National Trust estates, public and private Gardens;

Agri-Forestry ,Revegetation and Riparian Corridors and the Broad-acre Horticultural Crop Management programme.

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