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What we do...

eCo-Environment consulting

eCo-Connect works with project teams to develop project specific horticultural landscape specifications for major projects.  We consult on soil testing, plant nutrition and growing environments and offer consultancy in horticulture techniques, landscape environments, healthy buildings, ecological infrastructure, bio filtration and remediation and plant trials. Engaged at project conception we can provide project teams with access to the latest trends in horticulture and green care.

eCo-Connect consulting: About

Our Services

eCo-Connect consulting: Services

Drawing on more then 20 years previous experience working as Parks District Manager for the Brisbane City Council  we provide professional advice to suit all Horticulture concerns. Whether it be  plant selection for landscaping internally or externally or advice on sustainable organic specialist blend mixes for plant selection. We also provide a comprehensive on site soil amelioration service.

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eCo-Connect consulting: Testimonials
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This testimonial is to affirm the amazing benefits we have gained from using the MultiPro Extra soil improver in all of our landscaping projects across the Gold Coast. We call it our ‘Magic Dust’ and are completely confident that regardless of the existing soil foundation conditions, we can dramatically improve and bring back life into any garden soil. Our newly planted plants and lawns pick-up nutrients immediately without suffering any stress and establishment watering goes a long way. I can confidently revisit all our garden projects 3, 6 and 12 months after planting and know that plants will be thriving, healthy and looking their best. Thank you to John Daly for creating this outstanding product which we totally depend upon for every planting and lawn project.

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