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What we do...

The eCo-Environment products

Our focus is on developing additives and conditioners that enhance soil health and meet specific physical, chemical and biological benchmarks. Our products are used for landscape, wholesale and retail nurseries, gardening and broad acre farming.

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We trialled the Bioganic Earth Green Wall Blend/Propagation mix, in July/August 2016. A few weeks later we made the switch to using the mix for all our seed starting.

The decision was easy to make. The germination rates are higher, growing time is faster and the plants are healthier. Stock turns over faster, sells well because it looks good and less stock is wasted.

Labour is reduced, as we no longer mix our own media. The product is consistent, I have never had to amend the pH, or sift out material that hasn’t broken down. Sifting, mixing and amending propagation media used to be a task that occupied many people, for a large portion of each day. Now we can focus on production, training our volunteers and developing new product lines.

I want to sell good, strong plants to our customers and using this mix is part of our strategy to improve the quality and consistency of what we produce.

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