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E-Scape PRO is a mineralised and granulated organic based soil conditioner, compost, wetting agent and fertiliser that provides nutrition for up to 9 months.


Developed for general landscaping and gardening use. E-Scape PRO is a specially formulated organic based fertiliser and soil conditioner containing two organic long term wetting granules and added controlled release fertiliser (CRF) delivering complete nutrition for general plant feeding. E-Scape Pro contains (NPK) Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium (18- 2.2- 10 +Te), Sulphur and Calcium and a full range of trace elements which minimises leaching of nutrients into the environment and enhances microbial activity.


Benefits of E-Scape PRO


  • Contains long term controlled release fertiliser feeding up to 9-months.
  • Stimulates soil biology.
  • Increases cation exchange capacity to reduce leaching into the environment reducing further fertilising requirements.
  • Bio-char added for long term carbon sequestration
  • Based on an organic certified compost.
  • Contains 3 varieties of long term organic wetting granules (Bio-char, Sorba-stone and Zeolite) which increase the water holding capacity by up to 50%.
  • Contains inoculants to increase soil biology.
  • Contains mineralised rock posphates and full trace elements.


Available for purchase in:


3kg, 4kg & 10kg buckets.

E-Scape Pro

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