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Hydro-Plex Wetter contains highly absorbent granules which hold water / moisture up to 148% when applied at only 5% by volume into sandy based soil mixes.


Hydro-Plex is a natural, organic rock fossil that is long lasting and will not break down over time unlike other water storage crystals and agents. Hydro-Plex also enhances lateral movement and permeability of water and nutrients through the soil profile.


These characteristics provide other benefits to soil, as an insulator and aerator all while promoting capillary action without water logging thus creating the ideal environment for hair feeder roots of turf and plants.


Benefits of Hydro-Plex Soil Wetter


  • Watering/irrigation is reduced by up to 50%
  • Acts as an insulator and aerator all while promoting capillary action.
  • Resists water logging.
  • Consists of all natural ingredients.
  • Will not expand or contract with variation in temperature when activated by water.
  • It’s inert while the  highly absorbent granules  provide a porous non-toxic growth environment in all growing media.


Available for purchase in:


3L &, 10L bucket and 25L bag

Hydro-Plex Soil Wetter

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